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Our mission is to provide progressive and unified resources to enhance Wayne America

The Wayne America Team, Board of Directors, and Community Partners have a shared vision to foster economic development, support chamber membership, improve housing, and attract tourism throughout Wayne County.

Our Team


Luke Virgil

Director of Economic Development
10+ years in Economic Development
6+ years of helping Wayne America thrive
Top Interests: Childcare, Government Affairs, Housing, Business Recruitment & Broadband


Rachel Miller

Assistant Director of Membership & Chamber Services
6+ years in Business Administration & Marketing
3+ years in Fundraising & Development
Top Interests: Membership Relations & Event Planning/Promotion


Jen Canham

Assistant Director of Housing Development
20+ years in Business & Economic Development
10+ years in Recruitment & Government Affairs
Top Interests: New Housing Projects, Housing Rehabilitation & First-Time Homebuyer Assistance


Brayden Sharp

Marketing & Tourism Coordinator
5+ years in Marketing & Digital Media
3+ years in Marketing Analytics & Branding
Top Interests: Travel Industry, Sports & Recreation, Event Promotion

Our Board of Directors - Wayne America, Inc.

Mike Powicki

Board President
Director of Athletics
Wayne State College

Justin Davis

ORG Committee
Financial Planner
Rath, Walling & Associates

Jill Brodersen

City Rep
Ward 4
Wayne City Council

Jeaney Harris

VP/Mortgage Specialist
Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust

Ria Pedersen

MET Committee
AVP of Marketing
Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust

Mandy Olson

B&I Committee
Plant Manager
Williams Form Engineering

Terri Buck

City Rep
Ward 1
Wayne City Council

Dr. Mark Lenihan

Wayne Community Schools

Kirby Hall

ORG Committee
State Nebraska Bank & Trust

Brandon Hall

MET Committee
Store Manager
Wayne ACE Hardware & Home

Dean Burbach

County Rep
District 2
Wayne County Commissioners

Dr. Marysz Rames

Wayne State College

Megan Finn

B&I Committee
Director of Athletic Dev.
Wayne State College

Melissa Urbanec

MET Committee
Clinic Manager
Faith Regional Health Services

Danni Gearhart

Providence Medical Center

Wes Blecke

Wayne City Administrator

Our Community Partners

Wayne America, Inc. was formed via a partnership between the City of Wayne, Wayne County, Wayne Community Housing Development Corporation (WCHDC), and Wayne Area Economic Development, Inc. (WAED), but could not function without its close ties to Providence Medical Center (PMC), Wayne Community Schools (WCS), and Wayne State College (WSC).

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